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I was introduced to Cheryl by a friend.

Wow, what a luck to know her. I am a first time home buyer and she informed me of all the information regarding buying a home in Calgary. What I love most about her service is her patience. She does not rush you into buying just any home, but she finds you the best home. Also, she gives you the needed information about what to do with a home when you buy one. On top of that, Cheryl has a wonderful and happy personality. We became good friends, so it is not only the business, but the friendship afterwards that is worth treasuring.

Wijoyo Utomo

Cheryl was exceptional in her service.

We were first time homebuyers and were not familiar with a lot of things. She guided us through the entire process. What we liked most about her was the responsiveness, knowledge and communication. She always had the best interest in mind for us. She is not only our realtor but also our friend. We always recommend Cheryl to our friends especially our Indonesian friends. Her personal approach is incredible.

Swani Sidharta

Cheryl is one of the most impressive real estate professionals I have had the pleasure of working with in Calgary.

One of Cheryl's finest qualities is her ability to listen to her client's vision and specific needs. Calm but strong, Cheryl is thoughtful first about the ultimate outcome of her client's needs and then systematically builds a plan or creates a path to execute her client's vision. She has exceptional communication skills and effective negotiation skills. I personally had the pleasure to work with Cheryl in the pursuit of our new home. From the beginning of the house search through the moving in day to our single family home, Cheryl was patient, showing us around the neighbourhood and thorough in her communications. She even surprised us with her and her husband's kindness dealing with household stuff on the move in day. Cheryl's service and approach is the most strategic and thorough I have ever experienced.

Alan Hong

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